5g Technology। 1Gb Download in few second

5G Technology

5G technology - Phone and our relationship is quite old and very strong too. Earlier wired phones used to come, then the cordless time came and now the wireless phone is running. 

5g technology

With this changing form of the phone, its generation is also attached, which has already decided to travel from 1G to 4G and is now moving towards 5G. In this way it can be interesting to know what this incoming 5G technology is and how it can hit the mobile industry. So, let's know today about this 5G technology-5th Generation of Mobile Network i.e. 5G is now launching very soon. It is believed that there will be no limit on speed and connectivity in this future wireless technology and these techniques will also save energy. Looking at the rapid efforts of this, it seems that by 2019, there will be 5G network mobile service in every hand.
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5g technology

In addition to accelerating the speed of Internet speed, 5G technologies are being proposed to be revolutionary for remote surgery and self-driving.American company AT & T is making efforts in this field very fast and according to media reports, by the end of 2018, the company will also launch 5G mobile network in major markets of the world.According to experts, transferring data through 5G networks versus 4G will be done 20 times faster and the 5G network speed will be up to 20 gigabytes in 1 second. In India, IIT Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Patna and IIT Madras are working on this 5G technology and China is the country where the test is going on.After the arrival of this 5G technology, after touching the mobile, the webpage will open in less than a thousandths of a second i.e. less than a millisecond, or the video will start playing. Not only this, the entire movie will be downloaded in 5-6 seconds on the 5G network.Friends, we are enjoying the speed of 4G and we are also happy with the change in Internet Speed, but think about how much speed 5G will bring with us 5th Generation. Even though the 5G will take some time to come, but its speed is enough to make us enthralled.
In this case, till 5G technology, you also enjoy the speed of 4G and wait for the arrival of 5G as the result of this wait is going to be very sweet, which will get us as a fast Internet service.
5g technology ppt

5g technology abstract

Development of Powerful Techniques for Processing The ultrasonic network 5G's latency is very low. After touch or click, the time it takes to send and download a data request is called latency. That means data will be processed in a very short period of time, and this will require a lot of processor power. Additionally, 5G networks have to create mobile devices too.
5g technology

4G was developed due to the need to see intelligent network video for fast speed, while 5G is being developed due to the many needs of people connected to the Internet.An intelligent network will be built for 5G so that it can fulfill the demands of the user in any location in less than a millisecond. This is not possible in the 4G network.

5g technology in india

5G is still far away for India. Right now the internet network is not working properly for 4G services in India so here it may take time to get 5G. But in countries like South Korea and Japan, the network of 4G is very strong, so it will be easy to bring 5G there. China has also started its trial.

5g technolonogy applications

everything for the Internet and the Internet everywhere. To achieve this revolution of connectivity, drones and balloons may be used for base stations delivering 5G signal.
The Challenge of Starting 5G Service at Universal Standard, United Nations International Telecommunication Union hopes that from 2020, 5G services will be started according to the Global Standard. Among the leaders of telecom companies around the world, it has been agreed that there is the advantage in providing services of 5G by creating a common standard.

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