If you are shopping online keep these 5 point in your mind

If you are shopping online keep these 5 point in your mind

You can also be a victim of online shopping. Actually fast growing online shopping is also increasing the chance of selling counterfeit products. That is why fake products have become a big problem for online buyers. Several surveys have shown that e-commerce companies are getting fake products from one third. Recent survey conducted by Local Circles suggests that 38 percent of the 6,923 online buyers were buying fake products from the previous Ecommerce site. Twelve percent of buyers of online shopping said that they received fake products from Snapdeal, 11 percent cited Amazon, and 6 percent cited Flipkart.
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Another survey conducted by market research platform Velocity MR has shown that in the past six months, one of the three online shoppers has received counterfeit products while shopping online. This survey was done between 3,000 buyers.
Not only this, according to these surveys, perfumes have been sold for branded shoes and fashion garments. Therefore, if you are fond of shopping online, then you should take precautions before making a purchase.

1. Compare 

with the product sold on the brand's official website. One way to differentiate between real and fake is to get information on the product on the brand's official website. You can get information about the model number of the product here. If you are buying online mobile phones, then see the IMEI number printed on top of the box and mix it with the official website of the brand before buying the product.
According to Technopak Chairman and MD Arvind Singhal, the problem of counterfeit products is not only in India but all over the world. E-commerce sites work on market models and it is difficult to check with millions of third-party vendors whether they are selling real products.

2. Buy a product that is in a warehouse

E-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal have their own warehouses, where the third party vendor is also kept. If you buy goods already in the warehouse, then their shipping is not a third-party vendor but rather the website itself, which you bought from. If you want to know that the product you are purchasing is present in the warehouse. Otherwise, you can tell that Amazon is tagged with 'Amazon Foolfield', 'Flipkart Advantage' on Flipkart, and 'Safshish' on snapdaddy with such products.

3. Look at the seller's rating too.

Before you buy a product of your favorite, click the Buy button, definitely check the seller's rating. Especially in the case of websites like eBay and Snapdeal. Keep in mind that only those sellers who buy at least 50 or more transactions and their ratings are also 90 percent or less than 4 stars. The higher the rating, the more you can rely on that vendor.

4. Pay on eBay to make shopping with 'Paisapay'

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Although 'cash on delivery' is considered to be quite secure, but it is not as secure as it is understood. Especially in the case of eBay transactions, not at all. If you buy a product by paying through 'Paisapay' on eBay, then this website does not pay to the seller until the product comes in your hand and you are not satisfied with it. Ebay stops money after getting your product after getting the product and tries to solve your problem. If you are not happy with the product then eBay returns your money. But, tell us that eBay will not help you in case of 'cash on delivery'.

5. Do not fall for cheap and discounted discounts

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If you are getting a costly product very cheap on a shopping website and you are planning to buy it then stay paused. Because there is no shortage of those who have earned your hard earned money by blaming you cheaply in this way. Many times it has also been seen that things like stones, plastic or soap are delivered to GiftPack by offering lure customers cheap things cheaply. It is not that in online shopping, they are not being sold cheaply by giving a discount on expensive items, but whenever you click on such deals, always keep in mind that you can buy from the official seller itself. Many times you will see that the seller has got a good rating, but he has done only 18-20 transactions so far, then avoid relying on such a vendor.

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