Technology of the future ! What do you think about technology of the future cars

Technology of the future ! What do you think about technology of the future cars

A look at Technology of the future

In the past 2 decades, technology of future is gradually improving and it is spreading like fire. In the next 2-3 decades, technology will improve faster than our expectations. In this article, I have mentioned some inventions and patents that are going to change everyone's life and technology of future cars.

1: Artificial Intelligence (AI):

                  You've already seen AI in Sai-Fi films in which the actor is talking to the machine and the machine is responding to the user too. A few years ago it was just a concept, but today it is a reality.

Technology of the future

Artificial Intelligence programmers teach computers / machines to think and learn. This technology is currently available on smartphones and personal computers but it is still in development. Artificial Intelligence is a very useful technique and is making its position in computers, smartphones, automobiles and every machine and electronic gadget.
 Do you know?
Facebook developed its own Artificial Intelligence Robot under the FAIR (Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research) project, unfortunately, this project was closed because this robot started learning so well that in a few months he himself Prepared a language of This project was stopped because many technicians felt that it could be dangerous for mankind. But this project made us realize that we can grow up to say in AI.
                     Machine learning is the method of artificial intelligence programming in which the programmer provides instructions for identifying the user's voice of the machine and keeping track of every user activity, suggesting activity or providing a better solution to every problem depending on user's recent activity. Does it

2: teleportation:

                     This technique was considered an impossible concept but Chinese scientists made it possible. In the second quarter of 2017, Chinese researchers successfully teleported a photon particle into space. Using teleportation is possible to carry anything from one place to another without any physical connectivity / interference.
Technology of the future

                      Currently, this technology is in development and we have only managed to transport one photon (smallest particle). Scientists believe that we can teleport anything in any place by dividing anything into a photon and then transmitting the photons from one place to another.
                      Many scientists believe that we can teleport living beings in the next 5-6 decades.

3: Holograph:

                       You must have seen this concept in many science fiction movies, in which a character leaves a digital message for someone, whenever a character tries to reach the message, then he can see the digital camera sending message in 3D speed. .

                       In this technique, many projectors work together to project the object in a particular area. This technology is in development and we can see it in the next few years.
                                            Microsoft recently launched hologram goggles, these glasses are based on holographic technology and they can be available to everyone in the near future.

4: Brain Signal Monitoring Technology

                       Brain signal monitoring technology is a direct connection between the brain and the machines. This technique detects the signs of the brain and operates the machine according to the signal.
Technology of the future

 Human brain produces very little electrical signals during thinking or doing any logical tasks, these signals are detected by different sensors and command the connected device according to brain signals. This is very powerful technique and will make humans more lazy but powerful.
                      This technology has been successfully tested in 2017, some basic functions have been done during the trial. This technique may be available in the next 1 or 2 decades.

5: Microsoft Continuum (probably closed)

                        Microsoft brings many improvements and changes to the Windows operating system with the release of Microsoft's OS Windows 10. With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft launched a new technology called Microsoft Continuum. This technique is mainly used to convert Windows Phone into computer.
                        With the help of this technology, the user can convert any Windows Phone into a Windows PC with the help of a small device named Microsoft Continuous Adapter. In this technique, UWP (Universal Windows Platform) development techniques are used to develop applications for Windows Phone and Windows PCs. Write this code for the same device (mobile / PC / xbox) in this development method developer and the same program will work on all other Windows devices.

           Microsoft's continuity is available in the market but unfortunately, the Windows Phone project was discontinued in 2017, after closing the Windows Phone, Microsoft has not provided any information about continent.

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