Vivo V15 pro: Everythings you need to know, A complete review of Vivo V15 pro

Vivo V15 pro:- 

 Hello, dear friends from last one or two week I got too many requests about Vivo V15 pro reviews in details from your sides. finally, I decided to give you all thing about this phone and also my opinion. that's why today we are discussing here these topics,
  1. Vivo V15 pro Design
  2. Vivo V15 pro Display
  3. Vivo V15 professional AMOLED exhibit Vs. Competition
  4. Vivo V15 pro-32MP Pop-up Selfie Camera steals the show
  5. Vivo V15 pro, How’s the Selfie image output?
  6. Vivo V15  pro 48MP and 5MP and 8MP Triple-lens Rear Camera
  7. Vivo V15 pro Gaming and process performance
  8. Vivo V15 pro Benchmarks and Audio performance
  9. Vivo V15 pro Battery and property
  10. Vivo V15 pro Conclusions
let us know all things in details about Vivo V15 pro

Vivo V15 pro Design: placing Gradient gloss style

Vivo V15 pro professional is kind of a head-turner. The Topaz Blue variant that we have a tendency to ar mistreatment flaunts one among the best-looking gradient patterns within the market. And plane tho' the phone isn't entirely created out of metal, it's and feels quite premium or rather elegant. Vivo V15 professional uses polycarbonate as a wiring material and incorporates a glass coating over it that adds to the premium look.

Vivo V15 pro

The front is occupied by a notch-less edge-to-edge exhibit and also the rear panel of the phone sports a gradient pattern. Vivo calls it Spectrum Ripple diamond and it's strikingly appealing. Overall, Vivo V15 professional signally stands out from the gang. If you do not mind flaunting your phone, Vivo V15 professional may be an unconfined obtain.

3.5mm earpiece Jack and a defended microSD vellum slot
Some important nonetheless extremely helpful diamond components of Vivo V15 professional are- defended microSD vellum slot and also the three.5mm earpiece jack. The defended microSD vellum slot ensures you do not ought to compromise on storage and property at a similar time.
Hefty nonetheless rests well within the palm

At 8.1 mm, V15 professional is kind of heavyset and feels hefty in hands. fortunately, the buttons are placed at easy spots to take care of the phone's important aesthetics. Moreover, there are what is more no sharp edges on V15 professional that produces the phone rests hands within the palm. However, mistreatment the phone with one hand for the camera and for a few alternative day-after-day tasks may be a bit tough. because the exhibit is stretched until the lattermost corners to unfasten an almost bezel-less style, I struggled to wangle the notification panel and to achieve the highest corners of the screen. This has bit by bit wilt a worldwide topic with all the smartphones currently. The edge-to-edge displays ar sunny for immersive viewing wits however what is more stupefy the phone's biotechnology to an unconfined extent. This brings North American country to the exhibit of Vivo V15 professional.

Vivo V15 pro Display: Edge-to-edge half dozen.39- inches AMOLED Screen

Vivo V15 pro Display
(image source digitaltrend)

Vivo V15 Pro's spirited AMOLED screen is perhaps the weightier exhibit in sub 30K price-point. The Super AMOLED panel comes with none notch creating the unshortened half dozen.39-inches screen real-estate woman hater for gameplay, video playback, reading, and alternative day-after-day tasks. The 6.39-inch screen on Vivo V15 professional comes with nineteen.5:9 specialty magnitude relation to supply a formidable screen-to-body magnitude relation of ninety-one .6%. it is a welter to observe videos and play games on V15 professional. The bezels encompassing the exhibit are terribly skinny making AN immersive viewing expertise.

Sadly, the exhibit on Vivo V15 professional isn't Widevine L1 certified that ways in which it cannot stream videos in HD resolution on Netflix and Amazon Prime. For sturdiness, the exhibit solely comes with a reinforced a pair of. The 5D arching glass that might shield the screen solely from minor damages. Corning great ape Glass protection and Widevine L1 certification would have created the general deal tons higher.

Vivo V15 professional AMOLED exhibit Vs. Competition

Compared to OPPO F11 professional that uses AN LCD panel, V15 Pro's Super AMOLED exhibit offers deeper blacks and spirited gloss output creating it the largest screen for transmission consumption. The OLED panel permits Vivo to suit in AN on-screen fingerprint scanner that is quicker when put next to Vivo's previous smartphones however remains not par with physical biometric scanners. 2 alternative smartphones that return tropical to V15 professional and ar value sorting out are- Honor read twenty and Galaxy A50 in sub Rs. 30k price-bracket. OPPO F11 professional on the opposite hand ships with a rear-mounted fingerprint detector because the LCD exhibit doesn't support the under-the-screen life science. Galaxy A50 ships with the on-screen detector, however, it's still cursed a teardrop notch. If you're on a {good} repairs and still need a good show, Galaxy A50 may be a superb possibility.

Vivo V15 pro-32MP Pop-up Selfie Camera steals the show

The 32MP pop-up selfie camera is signally the highlight full-length of Vivo V15 professional. this is often out and away the largest detector on a selfie camera on any smartphone. the large detector on V15 professional is placed on the Vivo Nex galvanized retractile camera module. It pops out instantly whereas unlocking the smartphone with squatter unlock full-length and what is more after you faucet the selfie camera icon to capture a selfie. V15 Pro's camera machinery works on a spring mechanism that is perceptibly quicker than the last year's Vivo Nex smartphone.

Vivo V15 pro-32MP Pop-up Selfie Camera

The chance of the selfie camera module obtaining broken is kind of higher if the Vivo V15 professional falls on the bottom. On the opposite hand, OPPO has to return up with a creative channel to reduce the forfeiture in an exceedingly similar situation. The elevating camera on OPPO F11 professional retracts once to its place if it senses an explosive shift tall. The visitant has shown intelligence used the phone's underlying sensors to stop the forfeiture in a specimen of a miss happening.

Vivo V15 pro, How’s the Selfie image output?

The 32MP front-facing shooter on Vivo V15 professional works on Samsung ISOCELL GD1 detector and captures spanking-new selfies in each 32MP resolutions and in 8MP regular mode. the images are terribly unimpeachable and spirited. If you're somebody World Health Organization is unchangingly clicking selfies and making stories on Snapchat and Instagram, you'll love this phone. package plays a giant role within the camera department on Vivo V15 professional. The AI Beautify mode is kind of feature-rich and offers you the autonomy to transpiration skin tone and reshape scrutinizingly each component of your squatter as well as jawline, eye span, and forehead, form|the form} of the nose and plane shape of lips. you'll what is more experiment with Portrait lighting effects which provide some very nice strained lighting effects like Studio lighting, Stereo lighting, Loop to call some. The lens flare impact creates some specific pictures.
Color equalization gave the impression to be a problem on Vivo V15 Pro's selfie camera in default settings. so as to feature more and more splendor to the general shot, camera package puts a chromatic tone that affects the skin tones. fortunately, you'll correct the skin tone by sanctionative the AI mode. Portrait selfies squint spectacular however whet detection isn't unchangingly at the purpose. Overall, Vivo V15 Pro's selfie camera wants some fine standardization however it still comes out because of the weightier selfie camera smartphone in sub 30K price-point.

Vivo V15  pro 48MP and 5MP and 8MP Triple-lens Rear Camera

For a smartphone that feels rather chunky in hands, a 3,700 mAh battery feels slightly underpowered. I used to be able to derive battery backup of 1 full day on my usage that just about involves many calls, Instagram, significant camera usage, some vice, and video streaming. With similar and moderate usage, the phone will simply last someday on one full charge. A 4,000 mAH (or bigger) battery cell would have created the user-experience extremely intuitive.

Vivo V15 pro  professional Review: Premium options in sub 30k with the best-in-class show

Vivo V15 professional conjointly options a strong rear camera setup. the corporate has used a three-lens camera setup that includes of 1 8MP fisheye lens, 5MP customary lens, and also the huge 48MP quad constituent device. Let's begin with the 48MP device that works on the f/1.8 aperture and uses the Samsung ISOCELL GM1 device. The camera captures 12MP shots in default settings. you'll alter the 48MP device from at intervals settings that come back extremely handy if you're taking shots in daylight. many details are offered within the 48MP mode that you may realize helpful whereas cropping the pictures to use on social media platforms or whereas taking giant prints of the pictures. However, once you pore the pictures to most, details get terribly soft and a posterized impact also can be detected. I might suggest taking photos in 12MP resolution with full-screen mode enabled because the shots look extremely spectacular.

Vivo V15  pro 48MP and 5MP and 8MP Triple-lens Rear Camera

As way as portrait pictures are involved, the results are pleasing however edge detection isn't at the purpose. The 5MP depth device keeps the most subject focussed and blurs everything else within the background. generally, the bokeh impact is kind of intense and leads to artificial trying results whereas shooting human subjects. The results are pretty smart whereas framing macro shots and wonderful bokeh is often seen.

Good use of AI, dedicated Night mode, Pro mode, slow-motion and heap a lot of
Vivo's AI implantation isn't terribly harsh on colors and maintains natural color tones. not like Honor's AI mode that is pretty intensive and not perpetually at the purpose, Vivo is doing an honest job within the camera software package. The camera app conjointly offers a zealous Night mode that captures bright and well-lit shots. Besides, Vivo V15 professional also can record in 4K resolution. The phone supports EIS that adds some level of stability to videos however won't deliver sensible results if you're moving too quickly. apparently, you'll conjointly apply ‘face Beauty' effects in Video mode that improves the countenance of human subjects whereas recording videos.
Vivo V15 pro-Wide-angle Lens adds a brand new perspective to mobile photography
There's no HDR supported and you have got to alter the HDR mode at intervals the camera interface itself. Besides, the corporate has conjointly offered all the quality modes like professional mode, AR stickers, Panorama, Documents mode, Slow-motion, and Time-lapse. What comes as a surprise is that the 8MP fisheye lens. pictures are shot in native twenty-two metric linear unit distance and provides an honest perspective. The fisheye lens will come back extremely helpful for landscape and street photography.
Overall, Vivo has offered a feature-rich camera to please shutterbugs. The fisheye lens is de facto helpful and also the huge 48MP device is often accustomed to capturing some smart elaborate shots in daylight.

Vivo V15 pro Gaming and process performance

Vivo V15 professional is steam-powered by the flower 675 C.P.U., which might even be seen on the Xiaomi's budget handset- Redmi Note seven professional. The chipset is pretty snappy and doesn't foil in everyday use. you'll fluidly navigate throughout the UI, shoot in 4K, play games (light to heavy) and run over fifteen apps at the same time with none serious performance slowdowns. PUBG ran in high settings by default and also the spirited AMOLED show makes gameplay extremely immersive. The 6GB RAM offers ample memory for swish multitasking. The phone heats up a touch if you play diagrammatically intensive games and record 4K videos on the stretch however the temperature drops all the way down to traditional levels pretty quickly.

Vivo V15 pro Benchmarks and Audio performance

For benchmarks, the smartphone touched AN overall mark of 7505 in laptop Mark's Work two.0. As way as audio and decision quality worries, Vivo V15 professional offers solid on-call and speaker delivery. The audio is crisp and loud and you'll stream YouTube videos and songs well notwithstanding you're not carrying a try of headphones.
Vivo FunTouch OS supported humanoid Pie
Coming onto the software package, Vivo V15 professional runs on FunTouch OS supported the newest humanoid Pie. The custom skin by Vivo offers a variety of helpful software package options tucked within the settings section. you'll tweak the display's color temperature, alter Game cube for seamless vice expertise. you furthermore might get DND mode, a bike mode that could be a smart addition and promotes safer riding expertise by well handling incoming calls and texts. If you discover it robust to search out specific apps and software package options within the settings menu, the universal search can come back extremely handy. The notification slider offers an inbuilt Universal Product Code scanner that could be a neat feature and is enforced very well.
Vivo's FunTouch OS conjointly comes with motion options and gestures to allow you to expertise iOS like navigation for full-screen expertise. Besides, the custom skin conjointly permits you to clone applications and mirror your phone to different media devices like good TVs. you furthermore might have the choice to record everything on the screen with Screen capture feature.
While Vivo FunTouch OS is de facto feature-rich, it's some problems otherwise you will say Vivo encompasses a totally different approach towards such options. you can't amendment on-screen wallpaper on Vivo V15 professional by simply long sound on the show, that is supported by all different custom skins. you have got to travel into settings > Lockscreen, home screen > wallpaper to vary the wallpaper that is very tedious. Bloatware continues to be a gift on FunTouch OS and also the stock icons look quite animated. Gestures may conjointly use some enhancements on Vivo V15 professional.

Vivo V15 pro Battery and property

For a smartphone that feels rather chunky in hands, a 3,700 mAh battery feels slightly underpowered. I used to be able to derive battery backup of 1 full day on my usage that just about involves many calls, Instagram, significant camera usage, some vice, and video streaming. With similar and moderate usage, the phone will simply last someday on one full charge. A 4,000 mAH (or bigger) battery cell would have created the user-experience extremely intuitive.
The smartphone options dated small USB two.0 port and not the newest Type-C port. the selection of small USB two.0 port appears rather unsatisfactory within the year 2019 however is additional to support Vivo's Dual-Engine quick charging that is kind of effective. The bundled charger will refuel the battery from zero to twenty-five you bored with concerning sixteen minutes that is fairly smart.
Vivo has provided a zealous microSD card slot in order that you do not ought to sacrifice storage over the property if you own 2 active SIM cards.

Vivo V15 pro Conclusions

Vivo V15 professional could be a solid proposition if you're trying to find AN expert in sub 30K worth phase. it's conjointly an excellent device if you appreciate and love flaunting new technology. The smartphone captures spectacular selfies and also the three-lens rear camera setup is additionally terribly capable if not the most effective in sub 30k bracket. The new 8MP fisheye lens could be a welcome addition and may amend the means you employ to ascertain and take photos from mobile. Samsung's latest budget and mid-range smartphones conjointly supply fisheye lenses however results don't seem to be spectacular and comparable V15 professional.

Vivo V15 professional conjointly offers excellent transmission viewing expertise. The edge-to-edge AMOLED panel extremely makes video playback and gameplay immersive. However, the shortage of Widevine L1 certification could be a massive miss. The small USB two.0 port conjointly sounds like AN odd selection for a smartphone that packs in such a lot of innovative options. Thankfully, Vivo's dual-engine fast-charging speed is kind of effective. As way as software package worries, the FunTouch OS incredibly features wealthy and fluid however may use some enhancements in minor places to boost the user expertise.

Overall, if you're trying to find a smartphone with wonderful selfie output, engaging style, and a class-leading edge-to-edge show, Vivo V15 professional is that the phone to shop for.

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